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Testing New Products

We are committed to improving our products and creating new ones, so we are now testing at Midwest Labs to verify the success of our efforts. (402) 334-7770.

I suggest you have the product you are using tested for proper nutritional profile.

I have had some breeders that have switched to a cheaper food contact me about their lories suddenly starting egg breaking, and how do they stop that bad habit. I told them to send a sample of the food that they are using straight to a lab, not to me.

To be fair, there is no perfect test, but there is truth in labeling, and industry standards that need to be met. If you care about your animals and want to ensure they’re being given a proper diet, I recommend random samples of the product you are using to be analyzed by a reputable laboratory at least twice a year. I have been making lory food for 9 years, and have learned a great deal. Will Peratino, a respected Avian Nutritionist now assists us with changes. While I have been breeding parrots successfully for 30 years, I am not a nutritionist. Human nutrition is very different from avian nutrition.

Here is the test results of the product sent to Midwest lab. I am also publishing a more favorable test for purposes of comparison.

The results show the protein level is 7% lower than advertised, and the calcium level is   0 .14  dangerously low, it should be 1%.  It is my opinion that the birds are not egg breaking; the eggs are too weak to incubate. This will start showing in the exhibit/show birds also.

It takes a few months to show up in the birds and once the nutritional deficiency is rectified it will take about 4-6 weeks to see direct improvements in the health of the birds. It takes time to be absorbed into their system.

We cannot import new lories, so we need to take care of the ones that we have in the US now.