Lory people are very tough to deal with. Our company would like to change this and make breeding and owning lories a fun experience. No one is perfect all we can do is be our best. Unstable people will start rumors on Facebook- they are just that. Addressing the rumors only makes them fester. Bullies are comfortable attacking on a platform that you do not have access to. We learn from our mistakes in life, I do not help "friends" that buy horses drunk without a vet check and I personally DNA all birds for sale to breeders.
We will be selling exhibit birds, pets and breeders. Any birds sold for breeding will be DNA'd by us. Pairs now days can be anything so it is necessary to specify. Male & Female. Not 2 females or 2 males..... If we purchase birds we re-DNA before they are sold so there are no mistakes. We are working to keep the birds pure.

Lories & Lorikeets for sale. Scaly Lorikeet and Rainbow Lorikeet mutations. Forstens, Edwards, Swainson, and Green Nape, and grey green Swainson & Green Nape mutations  available. We are only working with lorikeet mutations that are at least 6-10 generations pure so that they have the nice rainbow conformation. There are some breeders starting from scratch hybridizing scaly and rainbows for color. We do not want to start from scratch it takes 10-20 years for the nice quality that we all love. 

Linda (760) 788-1100  Southern California.