About us.

We are changing our site to BLESSING'S so you do not get us confused with the company mirroring us now. We are the ones with the proper protein level, and calcium level for lories. We also have lower iron than them!

I started Lory Food Products 9 years ago, when it was hard to find a consistent supply of lory food. I am a health nut so I wanted a healthy human grade food for the lories. I bought Chris Touchton’s recipe  and Will Peratino, helped me make it the best food available. Will and I made necessary changes which Chris adapted. Will has 30 years experience in parrot nutrition, and was employed by the big zoos. His job was flying around correcting diets. It was a very uphill road trying to get people to use it since they were used to a blueberry candy product. Each person that switched over stayed because the lories were more active, had better color, and 50% more production. We found it necessary to create another product since it is a proven fact that breeding lories have more requirements than pet and exhibit lories. We now have our Breeder Blend Plus '2018'. The '2018' is because we made some changes. We raised the protein level from 10 % to 15% and added turmeric for joints etc. I have used the turmeric in all the blends for a 1.5 years now with great results. Some things that come out are good for only humans, however the lories benefit also from turmeric.

I do my own milling here in a clean environment. That way I can control quality myself. I do not cut corners on products because I bred parrots for over 20 years. I realized that production and health of the birds takes top quality food and money. Cutting corners always caused failure.

We are always looking to improve our products so we always appreciate input/suggestions.